PlasmaVerse: Elevating the Web3 Marketplace on the IoTeX Network

Enter PlasmaVerse, a universe where you can buy, sell, and launch NFTs with unparalleled ease. Engage with a cutting-edge Web3 store, and explore the IoTeX network with PlasmaWorld and Thirdweb. Here, innovation meets utility, transforming your digital assets into tokens of value and function.
  • Innovative NFT Minting Harness the power of the IoTeX blockchain to create digital assets. Build and expand your community within the vast expanse of PlasmaVerse.
  • Web3 Store Integration Explore a fully integrated Web3 store, making the buying, selling, and showcasing of NFTs seamless. Your gateway to a new era of digital commerce.
  • Real-world Applications Discover NFTs that offer more than collectibility; unlock real value and experiences in diverse realms.
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PlasmaVerse News Highlights
PlasmaVerse News Highlights
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Upcoming Launches
Upcoming Launches
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List & Launch with us
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Our Roadmap

  • Phase 1: NFT Marketplace & Launchpad Debut
    • Launching with 2800 unique NFTs, enabling marketplace revenue and prioritized launch access for members.
    • Offer Your Clients to Mint NFTs via QR code
    • Seamless credit card integration for straightforward NFT purchases.

  • Phase 2: Expansion into Web3 E-commerce
    • Introduction of exclusive merchandise available for purchase through our platform.
    • Opportunity to become a verified seller and join our growing web3 marketplace.

  • Phase 3: Open Source and Community Growth
    • Facilitate easy website creation for showcasing and selling NFTs with our PlasmaVerse Gallery.
    • Expand access to a fully integradet Web3 Store, giving everyone a easy way to handle their Web3Store.

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